Vibrating Rod Level Switch

Vibrating Rod Level Switch

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Vibrating Rod Level Switch for the detection of solids.



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The Delta Mobrey Vibrating Rod Level Switch is the perfect solution for single-point level switching in free-flowing solids across a wide density range, from fine powders to grains. A single rod design provides the solution to tuning forks which may become blocked or bridged. The vibration rod is energized and kept in resonance by an electronic circuit. When covered by material, the damping of the vibration is detected by the electronics which initiate the switching of the output relay after a built-in programmable time delay.

Supplied with:
User manual, 2 – 3-pole terminal blocks, 1in sealing, 2 – Pg 16 cable glands.

How do you carry out an installation?
Requiring only a 1in BSP/NPT socket, either on the top or in the sidewall of the silo, the unit is easy to install and simple to the commission.
Prior to installation, it is advised to check the switching function for proper adjustment on a sample quantity of material. The unit may not work with mediums within specified density range but having a very large size of granules or extremely little friction.

Handle the device with great care, especially the sensing probe. Any impact on the sensing probe can ruin its resonance system.
A protective shield should be installed if the probe is exposed to falling material or an excessive mechanical load.

  • Standard model with 1 x SPDT alarm relay
  • It has an operating voltage of 20VAC/DC to 255VAC/DC
  • Housing standard is aluminium alloy with powder coated
  • Standard R 1-1/2in BSPT mounting connection
  • Free-flowing solids and it eliminates the clogging and ridging problems associated with forks
  • Rod design prevents product bridging
  • External LED switch status indication display and the probe is maintenance free
  • Relay output
  • Compact and rugged design and relay output


  • It is designed to provide high or low-level switching in silos or bins containing free-flowing powders and granular materials such as carbon black, sugar, grain, cement, lime and sand with a material bulk density on 50 kg/m3 or more
  • Vibrating Liquid/Solid
  • Level Probes – Squings

Other known references to this product are: RS Stock no 511-5157

Consult Delta Mobrey if further model options are required.


Device Type: Solids Level Switches
Mounting Type: Horizontal, Vertical
Body Material: Aluminium Alloy
Cable Glands: Two 0.5-in. NPT (NPT models) or two Pg16 (BSPT models) conduit entries. Ingress protection rating is IP67.
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 110°C
Operating Pressure: 10 bar maximum
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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