003H2/M03 Ultrasonic Level Switch

003H2/M03 Ultrasonic Level Switch

Reliable and simple, the 003H2 Ultrasonic Level Switch is designed by Delta Mobrey for high or low level alarm duties to give a solid state transistor output for alarm signalling or as part of a pump control system.


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The Delta Mobrey Integral Ultrasonic Level Sensor Switch is intended for level detection at a fixed point when liquid fills the gap between the crystals. It has polyphenylene sulphide construction and two open-drain FET transistors (one conducting when the sensor is wet and the other conducting when the sensor is dry) output type. This switch has electric voltage ranging between 18VDC/AC and 30VDC/AC.

  • Vessel pressure is 5bar (maximum)
  • Wet switching level detection at a fixed point when liquid fills the gap between the crystals
  • Switched voltage is 30VDC (maximum)
  • Suitable for low maintenance applications
  • High reliability with no moving parts
  • Not easily subject to fouling and not affected by ambient light conditions
  • Fitted with 3m cable

If the liquid to be monitored is flowing, the device should be fitted with the gap inline with the flow. In storage tanks, it should be fitted with the gap vertical unless the liquid is highly aerated when it should be angled.


  • Low level alarms in header tanks
  • Pump control duty in feeder tanks
  • High and low alarms in storage tanks
  • Level and pump control in storage tanks
  • Small or thin wall tanks
  • Bund level detection
  • Steering gear oil

OEM product, part number 003H2/M03 – direct from the manufacturer Delta Mobrey

Other known references to this product are: RS Stock no 204-6733

Device Type: Gap Sensor Level Alarm Switch
Mounting Type: Horizontal, Vertical
Body Material: Polyphenylene Sulfide
Ambient and Operating Temperature: –40 to 105°C (–40 to 221°F)
Operating Pressure: 5 Bar (72.5 PSI)
Minimum Liquid Specific Gravity: 0.50
Maximum Viscosity: 5000 cSt. at 20°C (68°F)
Overall Length: 110mm (4.33 in.)
Body Diameter: 22mm (0.87 in.)
Cable: 10 ft. (3 m); 5-core 7/0.2 mm (0.008 in.), PVC cable sheathing
IP Rating of Sensor: NEMA 6P (10 ft.) / IP66/IP68 (3 m)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom